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"Working with Sylvia was one of the best experiences I have had on my journey of becoming AASECT certified. She was organized, reliable, and open to helping at all times. Additionally, she has immense knowledge in the field, which makes her an excellent choice as a supervisor. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a supervisor."  

Amanda Pasciucco, LMFT   

"Let's talk about sex! Sylvia's combination of compassion, warmth and humor has allowed us to explore our sexual relationship in an incredibly safe space. She is extremely well versed in this field and always has some new tool or idea to help us expand our abilities to be intimate, connected and sexual. 
Sylvia is also the first sex/relationship therapist we have seen that has consistently moved us away from blame and shame into a space of finding ways to share what makes us excited. Sylvia is helping us get our groove back."
Dax & Miles

"Sylvia, you have helped us to safely open to one another, when that door seemed closed."
F. G.

"Sylvia Rosenfeld is a very talented and experienced clinician.  Her empathic work with couples and her exceptional ability to teach and educate other professionals puts her in the category of Master level psychotherapist and trainer.  Sylvia is known in the field of sexuality and human relationships for training and supervising other professionals, and is a leader in her field for both couples and sex therapy.  She is always insightful, can be counted on for her resources and her integrity and is a kind and thoughtful practitioner."

Tammy Nelson, PhD, author of The New Monogamy and Getting the Sex You Want

"Sylvia Rosenfeld is one of the few clinicians wise and skilled enough to handle the toughest of relationship issues. She is a brilliant teacher; a savvy, compassionate therapist and one of the finest professionals I know. I refer to her; I learn from her; I value her as a friend and colleague."

Pat Love, Ed.D., LMFT, author, The Truth About Love and Hot Monogamy.

"Sylvia Rosenfeld, LCSW, offers well-integrated and thoughtful expertise, compassionate support, and a wonderful ability to discern the complexities of the human interaction. I am very thankful to have experienced Sylvia as an AASECT Supervisor, and recommend her highly."


Peregrine M. Kavros, PhD, MBA, Clinical Neuropsychologist AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

"We found Sylvia to be very caring, smart and empathetic. Sylvia  gets to the point quickly and has the ability to cut through rationalizations and defenses. We were able to freely discuss issues of intimacy and sexuality which can be especially difficult after many years of marriage. Most importantly she taught us how to really listen and hear what the other person was saying. She gently showed us how to refocus and have a caring and equitable relationship. We found the exercise of looking at each other and offering appreciations of what we had done for each other that week, very therapeutic and helpful. We now incorporate this in our daily life. We found her to be flexible about scheduling. Sylvia is truly passionate about what she does. She helped us both through an exceedingly difficult time in our marriage. We cannot thank her enough for her kindness, patience and guidance." 

M & S

"Sylvia's welcoming and warm presence allowed us to explore sensitive topics with ease. We have come to treasure our connection with Sylvia as our most trusted guide on the possibilities of intimate relationship." 

E & H

"While working towards my certification as a sex therapy supervisor, I was fortunate enough to have been involved with Sylvia Rosenfeld LCSW in two of her supervisory groups. I experienced Sylvia as engaged with the process of supporting her supervisees' to become the most effective clinicians and supervisors they could be. Through facilitated conversation, closely attending to group process, and exploring cases from a trans-theoretical lens, Sylvia assists her supervisees' in honing the skills necessary to supervise others. She is organized, respectful, and recognizes that each of the clinicians under her supervision are seasoned professionals and expects her groups to be supportive to one another, take risks in sharing their work, and utilize their varied skill sets to create an interactive and collegial experience. Sylvia is also keenly aware of the need to explore issues of race, class and cultural difference in both clinical and supervisory processes.When a supervisory or clinical impasses was presented, and the group was unclear how to proceed, Sylvia’s ability to organize complex material into concise and targeted suggestions often revealed options for intervention that had not previous been recognized. Sylvia’s supervisory work is excellent. What adds to Sylvia’s credibility is her continued practice as a psychotherapist, lecturing engagements, and remaining current with developments in the field of sex therapy and over all psychotherapy practice. In closing, Sylvia Rosenfeld LCSW is one of the finest clinical supervisors I have ever worked with. I hope you offer yourself the opportunity to experience her supervisory skills for yourself."  

Joseph Winn MSW, LICSW, CST-S

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