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"Let's talk about sex! Sylvia's combination of compassion, warmth and humor has allowed us to explore our sexual relationship in an incredibly safe space. She is extremely well versed in this field and always has some new tool or idea to help us expand our abilities to be intimate, connected and sexual. Sylvia is also the first sex/relationship therapist we have seen that has consistently moved us away from blame and shame into a space of finding ways to share what makes us excited. Sylvia is helping us get our groove back."  Dax & Miles

Sex Therapy

What does it mean to be AASECT certified?

AASECT is the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists. It is the industry gold standard in certification. To be certified requires many years of formalized study and experience. 

Sex is an important part of an individual’s life as well as a vital aspect of a committed love relationship. Sex makes us feel good about our partners and ourselves. Many of us, however, may develop difficulties in this area and seek help. A sex therapist is specially trained to assess and treat sexual problems. Sexual problems and concerns may include:

Lack of Sexual Desire


Differences in Sexual Desire


Erectile Dysfunction


Premature Ejaculation


Delayed or Inhibited Ejaculation


Inability to Experience Orgasm


Inhibited Arousal


Pain During Intercourse


Vaginal Spasms Preventing Intercourse


Problems Resulting from Sexual Trauma and Abuse


Difficulties Achieving Sexual Compatibility


Sexual Challenges Posed by Aging, Illness, or Medical Treatment



Since sexual problems are impacted by physiological, psychological and relational factors, my approach to working with sexual difficulties is multi-dimensional. In a safe and non-judgmental environment my work with you may include:


Suggested Readings and Videos

Individual and/or Relationship Therapy

Referral for Medical Assessment and Treatment


As a part of our therapy, I may suggest homework, to be practiced individually, or as a couple, in the privacy of your home. 

Sexual activity is NEVER a part of your actual therapy session.  In no instances will a Certified Sex Therapist engage in any sexual activity with a client, whether in the office or any location. 

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