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Couples Therapy

"Sylvia, you have helped us to safely open to one another, when that door seemed closed."  F .G.

As couples, we become the primary "go-to" people for each other’s sense of safety and security in the world. When your partner is a secure base, one can better handle life’s challenges and difficulties. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and couples often arrive at my office feeling disconnected, distressed and misunderstood for a multitude of reasons including:


Feeling Unheard & Unsupported by One's Partner


Ceasing to be Curious about One Another


Feeling the Relationship has Lost its Passion & Spontaneity


Feeling Bored in the Relationship


Inability to Provide Love & Support


Not Knowing How to Allow Oneself to be Loved & Cared For


Unaddressed Hurts & Resentments


Struggles with Communication


Decreased or Absent Sexual Desire

While each couple may have a unique set of underlying issues, they all share the desire to find a healthier, stronger means to a better relationship-- whether that is to communicate better, inject excitement into their relationship, find a way out of repetitive and hurtful arguments or recover from betrayals such as infidelity.

I work with couples—whether they are married, unmarried, heterosexual or LBGT—to facilitate dialogue that allows them to learn about themselves and learn about their partner. I underscore connection and collaboration. I help couples learn to comfort each other in times of stress. Most importantly, I work with them to develop a richer, deeper level of connection.


My approach to couples therapy draws on my extensive training in: Imago Relationship Therapy and a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, known as PACT--both, highly respected and effective methodologies practiced by couples therapy professionals throughout the world.

What is Imago?

Imago Relationship Therapy is a process developed by best-selling authors Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt to help couples develop an understanding of how conflict can help us heal ourselves and our relationships. It teaches couples techniques to step out of non-productive, repetitive struggles and reach deeper levels of connection.


For more information and free resources: 


What is PACT?

PACT is a treatment model that was developed and continues to be revised by psychologist Stan Tatkin. PACT teaches that couples can develop secure-functioning relationships by understanding parental attachment in childhood and its effect on brain and nervous system development. These factors influence adult experiences in our relationships.  For more information: 

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