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For over 35 years, I have helped couples do something constructive to better their relationships. As a therapist with a certification in couples therapy and a certified subspecialty in sex therapy (AASECT), I offer customized counseling for a range of client needs--whether the 

"Sylvia's welcoming and warm presence allowed us to explore sensitive topics with ease. We have come to treasure our connection with Sylvia as our most trusted guide on the possibilities of intimate relationship."  E & H


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starting point is restoring trust and connection in an imperiled relationship or improving a relationship for a couple that simply know they can do even better.

All therapy is done in my Manhattan office, in a safe, comfortable, professional setting where I offer my clients practical, proven strategies to find the means to more mutually satisfying and deeply loving relationships.

Do you still have fun together?

Do you feel emotionally and sexually connected?

Has the passion gone out of your sex life?

Do sexual difficulties impact your relationship?

Have you lost your connection?

Do you feel secure in your relationship?

Do disagreements end up at an impasse?




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